FalleN #1

Circus Charivari, Villa Kuriosum Berlin 23.09.22 um 18h30

Ein theatrales Ritual, eine Vorbereitung für das Rendevous mit der Angst.

Training für den Sprung in das Loch im Sein, in dem durch Umdrehung das Fallen zu Schweben wird.



Circus Biennale Berlin 2017/ PAF 2018


Als Die Kinder Kröten Frassen

Circus Biennale Berlin 2014




work presentation, Marseille 2009


a site specific physical theatre piece for 15 actors and 10 car wrecks

‚JumpWhileYouCan‘ is an instant moment of life, a slow-down and speed-up.
a change of perception in reaction to a moment of shock.
a time which, streched in space, reveals its inner sight.

the public crosses scenes, sound-splitter, voices, music, dreamlike intervoven.
an in-live cinematic work, changes of scales, wide shots, far away images, focussed actions, choirs of lights.
a surrounding scenography, which the public traverses like a «Zeittunnel».

a performance, a living-installation, bits of a scattered puzzle of an image which does not want to be completed.