FalleN #1 (upcoming)

Circus Charivari, Villa Kuriosum Berlin September 2022



Circus Biennale Berlin 2017/ PAF 2018


Als Die Kinder Kröten Frassen

Circus Biennale Berlin 2014




work presentation, Marseille 2009


a site specific physical theatre piece for 15 actors and 10 car wrecks

‚JumpWhileYouCan‘ is an instant moment of life, a slow-down and speed-up.
a change of perception in reaction to a moment of shock.
a time which, streched in space, reveals its inner sight.

the public crosses scenes, sound-splitter, voices, music, dreamlike intervoven.
an in-live cinematic work, changes of scales, wide shots, far away images, focussed actions, choirs of lights.
a surrounding scenography, which the public traverses like a «Zeittunnel».

a performance, a living-installation, bits of a scattered puzzle of an image which does not want to be completed.